About Me

I’ve had a passion for all things beauty my whole life and have been working as a freelance makeup artist for over nine years. My style has evolved throughout that time which has allowed me to grow as an artist and refine my techniques. People know me for my curly hair and my journey to embracing my curls gives me an acute ability to connect with my clients. I understand the challenges associated with presenting on the outside who you are on the inside and I feel this makes me a better makeup artist. My services are personalized to connect your inner and outer beauty and make you feel comfortable, happy, and, of course, beautiful in your own skin.


My Makeup Style

My specialty application techniques are designed to enhance the traits that make my clients unique and beautiful without adding unnecessary layers. I focus on glowing skin and natural tones to create a subtle, youthful, and radiating makeup look that highlights your best features while allowing you to still feel comfortable in your own skin. Using a light hand and a keen eye for minimalist, trendy style, I help you look and feel your best no matter the occasion.